Why It Is So important

According to the Main Directorate of Military Police at Ukraine’s Armed Forces nearly 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers have sustained various injuries since the conflict broke out in the Donbas region. Rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers injured while fighting in the conflict zone is one of the most urgent social challenges deserving the closest attention on the part of government, media and NGOs.

Social integration of wounded, injured and sick service members is crucial for the public attitudes towards disabled people. Disabled people have still been facing ignorance, prejudice and fears that are restricting their abilities and opportunities for successful careers, studying and self-development. This also holds true with wounded, injured and sick military veterans. The Invictus Games aim to overcome stereotypes about disabled servicemen, replacing them with a sense of pride and respect for people who did not lose their zest for life despite terrible ordeals they had been through.

Why It Is So important


Invictus Games, founded by Prince Harry, are the international sporting competition for wounded, injured and sick active duty service members and military veterans. 

The word Invictus means unconquered. It embodies the courage of men and women who suffered serious injuries, yet found the strength to face new challenges. The spectacular sporting event helps rehabilitate wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women, draw attention to problems of their social adaptation and promote respect for those serving their country with dignity.

The Invictus Games involve mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who put themselves at risk to perform their military duty and sustained life-changing injuries. They came under fire on the frontline many times, but remained unbroken. 

In 2014, London hosted the first Games that clearly demonstrated both servicemen’s readiness to sacrifice so much to defend their country and their indomitable will to live. In 2016, the Games in Orlando built on the excitement already set by the London event. In 2017, military competitors will meet for the third time in Toronto. The Ukrainian team will take part in the Invictus Games for the first time ever.

Organising committee

The Invictus Games team in Ukraine handles strategic and organizational issues, and oversees the preparations for the national team's participation in the Games. The Organising Committee includes the Intergovernmental Working Group of the Commission for the Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine and Coordinator Center.

Ministry of

Ministry of
Policy of Ukraine

Ministry of
Youth and Sports of

Ministry of
Social Policy of

State Service of Ukraine
for war veterans
and members of ATO

Government Office
on European and
Euro-Atlantic Integration


The participation of Team Ukraine in the Invictus Games was made possible by support from project partners.

Information partner and sponsor of National Invictus Games

Providing uniforms and training assistance for Team Ukraine

Providing sports equipment for team training

Supply of fuel and lubricants

The initiators of the project

The history of the Invictus Games in Ukraine began when NGO StratCom Ukraine and agency Pepelatz Production proposed that a national team participate in the Invictus Games 2017, and later garnered support for this initiative from representatives of government and civil society in Ukraine and Canada.

Prosthetics of candidates and participants of the National team of Ukraine Game Invictus

Cuia fund
Ukraine Prosthetic Assistance Project
Посольство Австралії України


If you would like to learn more about competing or support the Invictus Games Toronto 2017, please send us your questions and suggestions to info@invictusgames.in.ua