Lviv hosts first round of sports testing for 2020 Invictus Games Team Ukraine prospects

Lviv hosts first round of sports testing for 2020 Invictus Games Team Ukraine prospects

On 13 July, Lviv became the first of the three Ukrainian cities to host sports testing as part of selection process for the Ukrainian team that will compete in the upcoming Invictus Games The Hague 2020.

Taking part in the Lviv event were 56 Ukrainian servicepersons and veterans from eight regions. During the testing, participants could try out six sporting disciplines and chose one or several they felt most comfortable with: archery, athletics (running, long jump, shot put), indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, or swimming.

During the testing, all participants were supervised by professional coaches and medics, as well as ex-members of the national team and winners of the past Invictus Games, who this year have become mentors for 2020 Team Ukraine prospects. They shared their experience in preparing for the international competition, showed participants the proper way to perform exercises and cheered them up during the testing.

Despite being a sporting event, testing is primarily a social event aimed at introducing participants to the sporting disciplines, format and principles of the Invictus Games, as well as setting a stong foundation for prospects' preparation for the upcoming National Trials in Kyiv this September.

Following Lviv, sports testing will be held in Odesa (20 July) and Kyiv (27 July). The National Trials will be open to all sports testing participants irrespective of their results. The approach is based on the updated Team Ukraine selection criteria that are now mostly focused on motivation and sports ethics demonstrated by the competitors, as well as how participating in the Invictus Games will contribute to their rehabilitation.

Many thanks to all the participants, coaches, medics, mentors and volunteers, who made this year’s first sporting trials a success. Looking forward to meeting you in Odesa!

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