Kyiv to host the largest sports testing in the three years of Invictus Games in Ukraine

Kyiv to host the largest sports testing in the three years of Invictus Games in Ukraine

This Saturday, 27 July, Ukraine's capital will host the final stage of a nationwide sports testing as part of Team Ukraine selection for the Invictus Games The Hague 2020. More than 150 wounded, injured and ill servicemembers and veterans will take part in the upcoming event — the biggest turnout in the three years Ukraine have participated in the Invictus Games.

Sports testing is the first live event for Team Ukraine candidates after online registration. During the event, they can try out different sports from the ones Team Ukraine will be competing in, and choose one or several they feel most comfortable in considering their previous experience or physical limitations. In the process, all participants are assisted by a team of qualified coaches and medics.

In 2019, Invictus Games Organising Committee in Ukraine had updated its selction criteria following recommendations by the Invictus Games Foundation. This year, the Committee will mostly be looking at how participation in the Invictus Games may contribute to participants' rehabilitation, as well at their motivation and discipline. Throughout the selction process, participants will undergo several stages of inteviews with the representatives of the Committee — both buring the sports testings and the National Trials.

Joining this years' candidates during the sports testings will be Team Ukraine members of the previous years, who will act as assistant coaches and mentors for prospective team members All attendees of sports testings in Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa, will be invited to take part in the National Team Ukraine Trials in Kyiv on 14 September — the final stage of selction that will decide the composition of Ukraine's 2020 squad.