New Interview Program by Invictus Games Team Ukraine Dedicated to Veterans Will Come Out on a Weekly basis

Invictus Games is more than just a sport competition. It started as a platform that allows veterans to overcome any struggles and obstacles on their path of recovery and adapt to a new environment, even beyond the sports ground.

Their stories do not come to end after the final whistle or crossing the finish line. Each one of them has immense value, as they are a source of inspiration not only for the fellow competitors, but also for all wounded warriors in need of a quality changes and new challenges. That is why the organizers of Invictus Games in Ukraine with the support of the US Embassy decided to launch a program that will become the voice of Ukrainian veterans and their families, friends, coaches, fans and anyone who is already a part of the project or wants to become one.

"Unconquered" is a unique show, where participants can share their own stories, comment on important issues of sports rehabilitation for veterans during interviews, while inspiring others to take action towards new achievements. The main purpose of these broadcasts is to tell their stories in a way that will make other veterans believe they can do the same.

The first 12 episodes will feature the members of the Invictus Games: Team Ukraine, who are currently studying under the sports ambassadors program, created by the organizers of the Invictus Games in Ukraine, the International charitable foundation "Save Live," Center for strategic communications ‘StratCom Ukraine’ and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine. Upon its completion, athletes will receive the necessary knowledge to continue individual work in the following areas: first aid, mentoring, leadership, adaptive sports and public speaking.

It is also planned to invite coaches, doctors, psychologists and veterans’ family members to partake in the interviews.

"Unconquered" is scheduled to come out each week in the evenings and will be available on the Invictus Games: Team Ukraine Facebook page and YouTube channel. Military correspondent Anastasia Fedchenko will host the program.

Tune in and feel the indomitable spirit of the Invictus Games!