Sport is an important tool for the rehabilitation and adaptation of veterans and active duty servicemember who have been wounded and injured during combat.
Veterans' health and well-being are our priorities. As the circumstances caused by the spread of COVID-19 do not allow us to hold all-Ukrainian competitions in the usual format, we announce the Unconquered 2.0 – the first online multisport competition for wounded servicemen and veterans in Ukraine!



Registration for the UNCONQUERED 2.0 will take place from 12 to 31 October 2020 on the Invictus Games Team Ukraine website.

The competition itself will occur from October 31 to November 29, 2020, at the place of residence of the participants, at a time and day that are convenient for them. The participants will need to choose sports, place of competition, as well as the day and time of competition in the period between October 31 and November 29, 2020 and send the results back to organizing committee before November 22, 2020.

Sport entries

Available sports for participants of online competition 'Unconquered 2.0' include archery, track and field, indoor rowing, powerlifting, cycling and swimming. 

All sports events in the Invictus Games are adaptive. You will compete with other participants with similar injuries as yours. This is the reason why we ask you to send us medical documents and carry out the categorization process.

Within the adaptive categories, in an online competition, it is not necessary for a racing wheelchair or a shot put chair to meet Paralympic requirements. You can cover the distance on your personal wheelchair, and pushing the shotput from an ordinary chair or your own wheelchair. The only thing we are asking from you is to take care of your own safety and to have a person with you who can provide help if necessary.

Who can participate as 'Unconquered 2.0.' online sport competition

For Ukraine: veterans and active servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, as well as members of volunteer units, who were wounded, injured or got ill during or as a result of their service in JFO combat operations area or during the peacekeeping operations involving Ukraine since 1991, can partake in the Unconquered 2.0. Members of the last year's national teams are also invited to participate in the competition.

For international competitors: 'Unconquered 2.0' online sport competition is open to wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans

Documents required to participate in 'Unconquered 2.0' online sport competition:

For Ukrainian competitors: a copy of the combatant certificate; for member of volunteer batallions a letter of recommendation from the commander of the entire volunteer battalion  they were a part of is required, specifying your unit and location in the combat zone at the time of the injury, the time and circumstances surrounding your wound/injury/disease. In case of absence of primary medical documents, you need to provide the commander's explanation of the reason why they are missing; a copy of the conclusion of the military medical commission, the conclusion of MSEC or other primary medical documents certifying the injury, trauma or disease received during or as a result of the service in the combat zone; certificate from a sports medicine doctor on obtaining admission to sports; photo.

For international competitors: medical documents describing injury for categorization purposes (these documents will be kept in strict confidentiality and will only be used by our categorization lead). If you have already participated in Invictus Games of any year, you can send us your categorization documents from the Games.

Schedule of 'Unconquered 2.0' online sport competition

Date Competition stages
12 October – 25 October 2020 Participant registration
31 October - 29 November 2020 Unconquered 2.0. Online Sport Competition
30 November - 13 December 2020 Processing of results, work of jury
13 December 2020  Public live event to announce the winners and celebrate participants of 'Unconquered 2.0' Online Sport Competition at YouTube channel of Invictus Games Team Ukraine

How to participate in 'Unconquered 2.0' Online Sport Competition?

Step 1. Registration

To participate in the Invictus Games 2.0 you need to register at the link.
After registration of the participant, the organizing committee will check the documents and caterozation lead will assign the category for each participant. Each registered participant will receive an email from the organizing committee with the next steps to participate in the competition.

Step 2. Competition

- Choose as many sports events as you wish from the list

- Choose a convenient location and time of the competition in the period between October 31 and November 29, 2020 at your place of residence

- Invite friends or relatives to assist during the competition and provide help if necessary

- Record your exercise in the process, as well as the result, on the video through video camera on your smartphone or digital camera

Step 3. Send us results

Send your results and video through the link you'll receive in the email from organizing committee after you complete your registration.

Step 4. Watch public live announcement of winners 

The competition results were announced on December 13, 2020, live, at official YouTube channel of Invictus Games Team Ukraine.

In case of questions, please write us at


Protocols of Unconquered 2.0 Virtual Competition

Please see protocols of Unconqiered 2.0 competition at the link
Video submitted by competitors is available at Invictus Games Team Ukraine YouTube  channel.