Ukrainian team INVICTUS GAMES TORONTO 2017 • 23 - 30 September 2017 Toronto, Canada


May 23 saw the start of the first training camp for Ukraine’s Invictus Games team. The competition squad will be chosen based on the results here. In September the team of 15 veterans and active service members will represent Ukraine at the international Invictus Games in Toronto.

The athletes that came to Kyiv were the winners of the National Invictus Games. Over the course of one week, from May 23-29, they will live and train together under the supervision of professional coaches and psychologists.


The starting team will consist of 15 of the 30 Team Ukraine members. The other 15 will form the reserve team. The members of the starting team will be selected by the coaching staff and representatives of the Invictus Games coordinating committee.


Improvement compared with results in trials and National Games
Performance potential at international competition based on candidate’s current results
Physical ability and readiness to compete in multiple sports
Psychological readiness to work in a team

The camp goals and program were announced at the opening session. The athletes will train at three locations:


Address: 6 Povitroflotskyi prospect

Sports: archery, swimming


Address: 105 Kyrylivska Street

Sport: track & field


Address: 16 Park Road

Sports: powerlifting, indoor rowing


Sport: road cycling



Team Ukraine members compete in Dnipro events

Members of the Ukrainian Invictus Games 2017 team have begun preparing for the September competition in Toronto.

Several team weightlifters competed in the Ukrainian Powerlifting Championship (Invasport) on April 30. Serhiy Lukianov came in second in the over 107 kg category, while Yevhen Oleksenko took bronze. Oleksandr Tabanets and Oleksandr Barynets won silver in the under 97 and under 88kg categories, respectively.

Yevhen Oleksenko became a Master of Sport of Ukraine at the competition!

Another stage of training for our soldiers took place on April 29-30 – DniproSotnia 2017. One of the competitors, Serhiy Molodid, compared the cycling race to “training in combat-like conditions”. Four members of Team Ukraine competed in the event: Pavlo Mamontov, Serhiy Molodid, Yehor Terekhov and Oleksandr Chub.

 Members of Team Ukraine compete at a cycling race in Dnipro under the Invictus Games flag

We congratulate our athletes and continue to follow their success stories!

How members of the Invictus Games Team Ukraine were selected

Dear competitors! We are extremely grateful for your perseverance, fortitude and the emotions you shared with us throughout the selection process.

You are an example for your brothers in arms and the people of Ukraine. We know that you will continue to set ambitious goals and reach them. We will be happy to see you all at the trials for the next Invictus Games in 2018.

Selection results for the 2017 Invictus Games Team Ukraine:

208 applications were received for the Invictus Games

126 athletes passed the trials In Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv

107 participants competed in final selection on April 22

Many participants won medals in multiple sports.

Medal count:

28 athletes won 31 gold medals

23 athletes won 26 silver medals

19 athletes won 21 bronze medals

Members of the national team were selected from the shortlist of medal winners.

The 30 members of the national team include 20 gold medallists who won a total of 22 gold medals. The squad also earned 20 silver medal and 4 bronze, collectively.

The members of the national team were selected by a panel of judges from the Central Sports Complex of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and representatives of the Invictus Games Organising Committee.

The following criteria were used when selecting shortlisted athletes for the national team:

A candidate’s results compared with those at the trials (except cycling: this was the first race of this distance held).

A candidate’s potential: what results can be achieved at the international games based on current results.

Multi-sport capacity: a candidate’s physical capacity and desire to compete in different sports.

We believe in the success of our team at the international Invictus Games. We wish you all success in your training and in Toronto!

Invictus Games Team Ukraine roster announced

The members of the Ukrainian squad that will participate in the Invictus Games were announced on April 23 during a gala concert on Kyiv’s Khreshchatyk. The 30-person team includes 19 veterans and 11 active duty service members (4 – Armed Forces of Ukraine, 5 – National Police of Ukraine, 1 – National Guard of Ukraine,1 – State Border Guard Service of Ukraine). Fifteen members will be selected to compete at the Invictus Games in Toronto, and fifteen will be reserves.


Last Name First Name  
Afanasiev Dmytro  
Boliukh Yaroslav  
Budayevskyy Pavlo  
Dmytrenko Yuriy  
Zimnikov Oleh  
Zozuliak Oleksandr  
Kuznietsov Vladyslav  
Lukianov Serhiy  left the team due to personal reasons
Lukashuk Artem  
Mamontov Pavlo  
Mykhailova Kateryna  
Molodid Serhiy  
Oleksenko Yevhen  
Panchenko Roman  
Pashkevych Vasyl  
Pysarenko Oleksandr  
Pysarchuk Yuriy  
Rak Valeriy  
Svyrydenko Vadym  
Sydoruk Dmtryo  
Striuk Pavlo  
Tabanets Oleksandr  
Terekhov Yehor  
Tykhonyvskyy Pavlo  
Tkachenko Oleksandr  
Torchynskyy Serhiy  
Kholodnov Mykhailo left the team due to personal reasons
Chub Oleksandr  
Shynkaruk Viktor  
Yarokha Volodymyr  

Invictus Games Team Ukraine trials officially over!

107 athletes took part in the National Invictus Games in Kyiv on April 22. More than 70 athletes competed in multiple events, making for fierce competition. Over 50 participants competed for gold in archery and indoor rowing. Equally popular was road cycling, with 43 participants.

Despite the level of competitiveness, there was an overwhelming feeling of brotherhood and support: “We support one another in life and in the stadium. We are friends, not opponents,” admitted participants Dmytro Oliynyk and Pavlo Stepanov.

Participants of the Invictus Games prepare to race on Trukhaniv Island.

“We are all winners, no matter what place we take. Starting with those defending our homeland in the east, and ending with the volunteers helping us during the competition,” commented Ihor Hordiychuk, senior judge of the National Invictus Games and Hero of Ukraine.

 Four athletes celebrate victory after the awards ceremony.

Tomorrow, at the closing ceremony of the Games on Khreshchatyk, we will announce the names of the 30 members of the national team who will begin preparing for the autumn Invictus Games in Canada. Fifteen will form the team, and the other fifteen will be reserves.

 Windy weather didn’t prevent the participants from doing well in archery. 

We look forward to seeing you at the gala concert on Khreshchatyk tomorrow at 16:00!


On April 22, Ukraine’s capital is hosting the first ever National Invictus Games – a competition for active servicemembers and veterans who were wounded or injured in the line of duty.

Today’s event marks the final round of selection of candidates to the national squad that will represent Ukraine at its inaugural international games in Toronto.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze said in her address to the participants: “Are you already winners! You have overcome pain and despair, faced the challenges that life has thrown your way with dignity. We are proud of you, and wish each and every one of you individual and collective success! We know our team will have a strong debut in Toronto.”

The athletes are fighting for medals in the six sports in which Ukraine will compete in Toronto: track and field, powerlifting, indoor rowing, swimming, road cycling and archery.

114 athletes from different oblasts of Ukraine are taking part in the National Invictus Games. Most of them are active armed forces members and veterans who were wounded or injured to varying degree in combat. The candidates were selected during trials held in January and February in three Ukrainian cities: Lviv, Kyiv and Odesa. Some of the candidates are competing in multiple sports.

We are eagerly awaiting the results of the competition!


On April 22, Ukraine’s capital will host the final stage of selection of the team that will represent Ukraine at the Invictus Games in Toronto this autumn. The Invictus Games is an international sporting event for armed services personnel and veterans who were wounded or injured in the line of duty. 114 finalists will compete in the national Invictus Games in these six sports: track and field, indoor rowing, road cycling, powerlifting, swimming, and archery.

The opening ceremony of the national Invictus Games will begin at 9 am at the Atlet Stadium. The competition will take place simultaneously in three locations.

The Invictus Games team invites everyone to support our injured warriors, who will represent Ukraine for the first time at the Invictus Games in Toronto!

Ukrainian Invictus Games participants are now provided with state-of-the-art sports equipment courtesy of Crown Agents

Athletes-veterans who participate in the national selection for the Invictus Games will receive specialized sports equipment from the British company Crown Agents which supports the Ukrainian government in the areas of rehabilitation and health. Modern fitness equipment for archery, powerlifting and cycling will allow candidates to the national team to successfully pass the final contests and represent Ukraine competently in Toronto in September.


For the first time ever, this year Ukrainian National Team formed of 15 people will participate in the Invictus Games, a competition for military personnel and veterans who have suffered injuries, or illnesses during or as a result of duty.

Partial financing for participation of the Ukrainian National Team in the Invictus Games is provided by the hosting side. However, the team needs further assistance in acquiring sports equipment necessary for preparation and participation in the Games. Crown Agents, as a partner who supports Ukraine for over 10 years, expressed willingness to assist in implementation of this important social project and provided extensive support to the Ukrainian team.

Tetiana Korotchenko, Crown Agents representative in Ukraine: “Crown Agents activities are focused on implementation of socially important projects and our company is proud that we were able to join this initiative of the Government to support the invincible spirit of the ATO veterans”.

Colonel Yuriy Finogenov, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: “The modern sports equipment will help servicemen and veterans of military service and law enforcement agencies adequately prepare and perform at the competition in Canada - and possibly, the future Invictus Games as well. Gradually we will expand our inventory of sports equipment, so that more of our military athletes can train effectively and show good results in different sports”.

The organisational committee of the Invictus Games which includes the civic association StratComUA and Pepelatz production secured the involvement of Crown Agents and provided the list of required equipment.

Members of the Ukrainian team will be determined on April 23 after the national selection, which will be held on April 22 in Kyiv at the Athlete stadium, CSKA swimming pool and the cycling track on the Truhaniv Ostriv. Then, on 23-30 September 2017, the military-athletes will depart for the international competition in Toronto. 

Results announced for final round of athletic testing of candidates to the Invictus Games Team Ukraine

On February 24, Kyiv hosted the final round of testing of candidates to join the national team that will represent Ukraine at the Invictus Games in Toronto this autumn.          

Candidates from across Ukraine were invited to the additional round of testing in Kyiv. Applications were submitted via the official website of the competition Ушпреуут athletes (6 active service members from the Ministry of Defence and National Police, and 12 veterans who were injured in the line of duty) took part in the qualifiers at the Central Sports Club of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Every participant could test his or her skills in one or more of the 6 sports in which Ukraine will compete at the Toronto Invictus Games: archery, track & field, road cycling, powerlifting, indoor rowing and swimming. The most popular sports were archery and indoor rowing, followed by road cycling. Competitors' results were recorded by a special commission and will be taken into account when designing individual training plans for the National Team members.

Oksana Horbach, project coordinator of the Invictus Games in Ukraine, commented: “We would like to emphasize that the participation of the national team from Ukraine in the Toronto doesn’t just involve selecting a team to go to Canada. We are raising an important issue – the sports rehabilitation of soldiers who were wounded or injured in the line of duty. Our job is to try to reform the system of reports rehabilitation. Our soldiers need more than just physical and psychological rehabilitation – they need social rehabilitation, and sports helps.”

Applications for Invictus Games Team Ukraine were accepted from November 1, 2016 through February 15, 2017. A total of 208 service members and veterans who were injured in the line of duty registered to try out. 126 candidates tested their skills in 6 sports: 65 in Kyiv, 28 in Lviv, and 33 in Odesa. After analysing the results, the organizing committee selected groups of athletes to train in individual sports. Interim competitions and friendly matches will help the athletes be better prepared for the Games in Canada. 

Additional application round closed, testing for Invictus Games Team Ukraine scheduled for February 25 in Kyiv

Yesterday, February 15, marked the deadline for the additional round of applications for the Ukrainian national team to the Invictus Games. The Organising Committee will review the applications and invite selected candidates for testing in Kyiv.

Candidates who applied by December 31, 2016 but were unable to attend the earlier trials in Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa, will also be given a chance to test their athletic skills.

Information for participants

If your application is selected, you will receive an official invitation via email and text message. Please make sure the phone number and email address listed in your application are correct.

Testing will take place in Kyiv on February 25 at the CSK AFU Pool located at 4 Povitroflotskyi Prospekt, starting at 8:30. 

Sports testing rules

Note: To be admitted to testing you must undergo a medical examination (functional test) and bring a certificate from your doctor indicating that you are able to compete in one or more of the competition sports: track & field, swimming, archery, powerlifting, road cycling, and indoor rowing.  

Oblast medical centres

Athletes chosen for the national team will begin training in their selected sports. 

What to bring with you:


•    ID: passport, driver’s license, military ID (copy)

•    Military service record (copy)

•    Medical epicrisis (copy)

•    Functional performance test certificate

Personal items:

•    Sports shoes

•    Comfortable sportswear

•    Shower shoes

•    Bottled water

•    Towel

•    Soap